Harvest Festival!

To celebrate harvest this year, there will be a chalk path outside St Paul’s Church.  Come and join the hopscotch, alphabet prayers and floor stained glass chalk, with room to add your own chalk drawing if you’d like to.   We will also be making a picture on the grass made out of conkers, acorns, twigs and leaves, so please bring lots of interesting natural things so you can add your bit to the picture too.

There will be chalk and hand gel, please do use the hand gel before and after you touch anything and remember to keep a safe distance from anyone else on the path.

Pictures from the service

During the final sung piece – Beautiful Saviour – a set of 14 images were displayed. For anyone who wondered where they came from, they are a set of Stations of the Cross from the Episcopal Church of the Holy Communion In St Louis, Missouri


Meeting your group online

While it’s difficult to meet in person due to social distancing and self isolating, you may be thinking about meeting online, but are put off because you are not sure how. We have created a handy guide to compare a few of the tools available to get you started, including useful links to get further help and information

A Memorial Service in Church

Sadly, funeral attendance is necessarily limited at the moment and so there isn’t the chance for the wider family and community to gather to remember and to say goodbye.

Once we are able to meet again in church more normally we will be offering the opportunity for those who have lost loved ones to hold Memorial Services at St Paul’s and Woosehill.


Message to Wokingham

Sent to the Wokingham Papers

At the heart of the Christian faith is a fundamental and essential belief that God is love. Christians are people who know that they are loved by God and required to share that love with others, to live lives which are reflections of the love God has for the world. The reflection is partial, inadequate, incomplete but the love that Christians are called to show for the community and the world is not a choice, an add-on, an optional extension. It is at the heart of what it is to be a Christian, a follower of Jesus.


Church will be closed

Sadly, under the latest government measures to slow down the spread of the Coronavirus, we have had to close the church completely, for the foreseeable future

We will continue to say Morning Prayer in our homes, and to provide help, support, and prayers for our community and church family. We expect to continue with streaming the Sunday Service.

22/3- Livestreaming

9.30am: Parish Eucharist livestreamed from The Rectory

Please do join me online and please do invite your friends as well. We are keeping things relatively simple to start with so we can get the basics right and then build from there- and once I’m out of self-isolation we should be able to do that from St Paul’s. We will have music, played by Chris Cipkin before and after the service, if all goes well, but will otherwise have a said service. It will be brilliant to be together as one Church and one community and one parish in the best way we can, Sunday by Sunday. Attached is the Order of Service we will be using, which is the main one for Lent. It’s the purple one St Paul’s people see every Lent and Advent. We will keep Mothering Sunday too but the Lent Book feels most appropriate for the current situation.

Daffodils are going to be put by the statue of Mary as usual, and a bucket of daffodils will be left outside St Paul’s for anyone passing to either pick up and give to a  neighbour, or keep, or put on a grave.

Our technical consultant, Peter Wells, offers this helpful explanation of how to find it (and do ask a friend or family member to help if you still have questions):

I know that for some of you, creating a Facebook account may seem a bit daunting, or maybe you are in a job where having an account could be risky, so I will let you borrow mine. On Sunday, if you follow this link – http://www.facebook.com/livemap, then when it prompts you to log in, either use your Facebook account, or use my email address bertie.churchmouse@spauls.org.uk and the password NoCheesePlease (no one would guess that would they?). when the live stream starts you should see it immediately because I follow the church Facebook.

If you miss the live stream, the video will also be available on Facebook when the service finishes, and we shall be providing a link to it on the website.

The Beauty of Morning Prayer

Morning Prayer is absolutely one of the treasures of the Church of England. It is going to be hugely important to us all in the next weeks and months.

It links us in with one another, since we are saying the same words at the same time.

It links us in with the great history of the Church, and roots us in monasticism.

It links us with something bigger than ourselves since its words have been used for centuries and centuries by people who were facing even greater challenges than we do today, without the benefit of modern medicine.

It is a link with the normal world since MP has always been said in the parish 5 days a week at 8.30am and that is still carrying on.

And it is a link with God, a way of praying which allows us to be carried along by the current into the loving heart of the One who loved us and knew us before we were born.

The easiest way to join in, and please do, is to either download the app to your phone (called Daily Prayer and in a light blue icon) or go this website every morning where you will find everything you need, including the Bible readings- https://www.churchofengland.org/prayer-and-worship/join-us-service-daily-prayer (MP for the day is normally near the bottom of the page with a dark green square next to it- you want the contemporary version).

Find somewhere quiet to sit, perhaps with a cup of tea.

Take your time- it should take about 25 minutes.

Do not be afraid to pause and reflect on a phrase and why it matters so much.

And know your connection with the person who is praying it in St Paul’s, and with people praying it all over the parish, and with Christians all over the world, and through history as well.

And once you’ve fallen in love with MP, as you will, it will be a constant friend to you always.